TLIN1028EVM TLIN1028 评估模块
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This EVM can be used to evaluate the TLIN1028x family of devices. The LIN bus is easily accessed via the J6 and J9 connectors, along with VBAT and GND to make easy connections to real LIN systems. All logic signals are available through headers and test points, and modes are easily transitioned through the placement of the correct jumpers.
Provides access to LIN bus, TXD, and RXD pins
Standby and Sleep mode can be easily accessed and transitioned via headers
Silkscreen is labeled thoroughly for easy use
Test points connected to RESET pin for monitoring
RXD Pull-up header to provide voltage for RXD pin


TLIN1028EVM TLIN1028 LIN system basis chip with integrated LDO and MCU reset evaluation module horizontal board image


TLIN1028EVM  TLIN1028 评估模块


TLIN1028EVM TLIN1028 评估模块 TLIN1028EVM TLIN1028 评估模块